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Hardwood Biochar Sack (10kg)

Introducing Hardwood Biochar, a versatile and sustainable biochar product designed for commercial fruit & vegetable, agri, livestock, and home garden use. It improves plant/tree health, crop yield, and reduces irrigation costs, pests, and diseases. Made from hardwood, it enhances soil fertility, water retention, and nutrient absorption. Try it now for healthy and robust plant growth!



Introducing Hardwood Biochar, a versatile and high-quality biochar product that ranges in size from 1mm to 4mm. Hardwood Biochar is specifically designed for the commercial fruit & vegetable sector and agri sector, as well as for livestock productivity and pet health. It is also perfect for home garden and vegetable use.

For commercial growers, Hardwood Biochar has been proven to improve plant health, increase crop yield, lower irrigation costs, and reduce the severity of diseases. For tree care, it can improve tree health, prevent transplant shock, increase drought resilience, and reduce the impact of pests and diseases.

Made from hardwood material, this biochar product is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is a natural and effective way to enhance soil fertility, water retention, and nutrient absorption. By using Hardwood Biochar, you can achieve healthy and robust plant growth, resulting in more productive crops and a healthier garden. Try Hardwood Biochar today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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