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Premium Binchotan Charcoal – Sack (10kg)

Introducing our premium binchotan charcoal. This pure, all-natural charcoal is made by burning oak branches at high temperatures, creating a long-lasting, low-smoke fuel for grilling, cooking, and purifying water. Perfect for professional chefs and home cooks alike, it’s an essential ingredient for any kitchen.



Binchotan charcoal, also known as white charcoal, is a highly versatile and natural product that has been used in Japan for centuries. It is made by burning oak branches at extremely high temperatures, which removes impurities and creates a dense, pure charcoal that burns for a long time and produces minimal smoke and ash.

Our binchotan charcoal is perfect for a variety of uses, including grilling, cooking, and purifying water. When used for grilling, it imparts a subtle smoky flavor to your food and provides a consistent heat source that lasts for hours. In the kitchen, binchotan charcoal is great for cooking rice, soups, and stews, and can even be used to make a delicious cup of coffee. And because it is all-natural and free from chemicals, our binchotan charcoal is ideal for purifying water, removing impurities and enhancing its taste. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, our binchotan charcoal is an essential ingredient for any kitchen.

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