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Olive Kindling / Firestarter Wood Sack (10kg Each)

Meet our Solar Kiln Dried Olive Kindling Sack—your go-to for hassle-free firestarting. Packed with 20cm lengths of premium olive wood, solar kiln dried for optimal burn, it guarantees a clean and efficient ignition. Elevate your fires with ease and eco-friendliness.




Introducing our Solar Kiln Dried Olive Kindling Sack—a premium choice for your firestarting needs. Each sack contains meticulously crafted firestarter wood with an average size of 20cm. The wood is solar kiln dried, ensuring optimal moisture content for efficient and clean burning. Derived from high-quality olive wood, these kindling pieces are not only eco-friendly but also imbue your fires with a delightful aroma. Elevate your fireplace or campfire experience with our convenient and sustainable solution, perfect for igniting warmth and ambiance in any setting.